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We SPECIALIZE in the Zerona LipoLaser in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky AREA!
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Testimonials from Clients of Body by Zerona – Cincinnati

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Body by Zerona-Cincinnati SPECIALIZES in the Zerona LipoLaser in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area!

We spent 1 1/2 years performing clinical trials before opening our doors to Clients! We know how to get fantastic results! We did our homework so you would get the results that you want! Our Clients know it works too! Plus.... all of our highly trained Technicians are Zerona Certified to peform your treatment!  Here is a very small sampling (we have hundreds of them available for viewing in the office) of some of the Testimonials received from Clients of Body by Zerona - Cincinnati:



Body by Zerona Client Testimonials:


“The program was exactly as advertised.  Staff was courteous & professional.  Appointments were prompt.  Noticeable improvements & inches lost.  Would definitely recommend & do the program again”.  (Lost 6 inches)

~ P.S.   



“The Zerona Program was pretty simple.  I took the supplements, drank the water and walked.  It was more than what I expected.  I lost 12 inches total from my body.  Very happy with the results and the program”.  

~ Lakeisha Cunningham  



“The program was fast & easy.  My problem areas were my stomach & inner thighs.  I am very satisfied with my results.  I have recommended 2 friends.  Yes I will do it again.  I lost 13.25 inches  J “.  

~ Joy Logan  



“I was thrilled with the entire Zerona experience!  The staff was professional and friendly.  The results were exciting and I’m so glad I have had this opportunity.  Thanks so much!  *Lost 9 inches*”  

~ Shellie Housley  


“Highly recommend it!  Did the 12 wk program & lost 12.75 inches.  Need to follow the directions though to get results!”

~ Female Client  



“I have to say that after my first program with Body by Zerona, that it was the most enjoyable way that I have found that anyone could ever think of losing that you can find.  It really works for everyone.  I was so impressed, that I have signed for my second program.  I can’t wait to get started.  My total inches lost were 13 ¾ inches (with 12 sessions, which is just 3 weeks!)”.

~Sandra Hasselbrock  



“It was a very pleasant experience.  Staff professional and friendly.  Appointments on time”.  

~ J.B.



“I am glad I completed the Zerona program as I wanted to focus on my mid-section and thighs.  I can tell I lost inches as my pants and skirts are much more loose.  The office staff always made me feel welcome and comfortable.  I credit them for helping keep me on track by asking about my exercise and water intake.  I would consider the program again in the future”.   (Lost 6.25 inches in 9 sessions).

~ E.T.  



“The Zerona Program was a relaxing process.  The staff made me feel very comfortable.  I feel that my stomach area became smaller and that is what I was hoping for.  I will be interested to see how long the effects last and that will determine if I would invest in this program again”.   (Lost 6.5 inches in 9 sessions).

~ T.V.  



“The Zerona Program was very nice – Spa like atmosphere.  Staff is very courteous & respectful.  I am very happy with experience and would recommend to my family & friends.  Consultative Staff is very nice and knowledgeable.  The Technicians and Office Staff are exceptional – Overall great experience”.  

~ J.Z.  



“I found the staff to be very cordial and helpful.  They encouraged me to continue with all elements of the program in order to achieve the best results.  I lost 8.5 inches and most of that was around my belly which was my primary objective.  I would recommend the office and procedure to anyone serious about losing inches of body fat”.

(Lost 8.5 inches in 12 sessions)

~ J.C.   



“Completely satisfied with my short session program.  The results were unexpected!  I lost in areas that we did not target with the laser.  I noticed the slimming of my neck and face more than anything”.    (Lost 10.75 inches)

~ Male Client  



“Very professional, painless.  13 ¼ inches lost in just 12 sessions.  I would recommend to a friend”!  

~ Female Client  



“I was extremely satisfied with the Zerona Program.  So satisfied that I purchased a 2nd Program.  Even though I did not maintain the proper hydration or the proper exercise, I still managed to lose a total of 15.75 inches (in 12 sessions)!! J  I can’t imagine what my total would have been if I would have followed the program.  I am looking forward to doing my 2nd Program to see my added inches, added to my already loss of 15.75!! J  I promised myself this time to stick stronger to the hydration part of the program.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking into having a jumpstart towards a more healthy lifestyle!! J

~ Frances Davis  



“It was easy and relaxing.  It’s hard to believe that a program so easy could be effective.  It’s what I expected and I hoped not to sabotage the procedure during and after the sessions.  I would do it again provided I had the means.  This program helps me to reinforce my efforts to exercise, eat healthy and not give up because of moments that cause a relapse.  The staff was very friendly, welcoming and supportive.  I would love to do it again if I have the opportunity.  Due to occasions during the sessions that caused me not to exercise or eat as well as usual, I may have lost more inches.  I just got right back to continuing good habits.  Thank you”. 

~ Jenny D.   



“I found the program easy and simple to follow.  My hopes going into the program were to see significant weight loss and inches lost in my midsection, and I’m very satisfied with the results.  Overall, I lost more than 10 inches, but more importantly to me 2 – 3 inches in circumference in my mid-section.  I’m still far from my ultimate goal, so I will do it again and I’ll also recommend it to friends and family.  The staff were always pleasant and cheerful so I would look forward to my visits.  I’m glad I did the program and recommend it to anyone with a few inches to lose”.   (Lost 11 inches in 12 sessions).

~ T.W.   



“My results were amazing and I only completed a 2 week session.  I could have resolved all of my problem areas had I taken on more sessions and completely stuck to the program 100%.  I cheated myself.  I lost approx. 8 pounds and 7 inches in 2 weeks.  My stomach is visibly flatter than the day I started the program.  I highly recommend the program to those who are serious and will stick with the program.  However, even cheaters like me win”!

~ T.P.  



“At first I was a little skeptical to see if it actually worked.  The thought of being able to lose body fat in a noninvasive, easy way must be too good to be true.  But, I’ll try anything once.  So, when I came in for a consult to get information about the program, the staff did a great job explaining how the program works and the requirements to get the best results (exercise, drinking fluids, and taking the supplements which are included with the program).  I am delighted with the final results.  At the end of the 9 sessions, I lost a total of 13.5 inches (and 7.5 inches in my abdomen alone)!  The program proved itself to be a success.  I am still not to my goal, so I plan on completing another session.  I would recommend Zerona laser to anyone who has trouble spots that they want focused on.  It will literally melt the fat away”!

~ Jennifer  



“I would definitely recommend the Zerona program.  I had gained a lot of weight due to medical reasons & have had a time losing on my own.  So I decided to give Zerona a try and it far exceeded my expectations.  We focused on my hips & stomach but I did lose all over.  A total of 14.5 inches in 12 sessions.  Seven in my hips alone!  I also lost about 13 pounds.  I not only loved the weight/inches lost, but the sessions were very relaxing!  It’s a very nice comfortable room with a sound machine – my favorite was the ocean.  I hated when each session was finished.  So that’s a little bonus in addition to the inches lost.  I’m very interested in doing another zerona program to lose more inches.  My husband even noticed the inches lost after only a couple sessions.  I was really pleased to find I had a noticeable difference in my waist after just 2 sessions.

~ Becky Morris  




“During recent blood work, I have been made aware of additional benefits of your treatment program. Please share this.  These lab results are from my Mercy Mychart on-line. The lab work both times was necessary due to congenital high blood pressure.


I completed my 6 visits in April, 2011 which included the 6 Zerona treatments, hydro-massage, and supplements. My loss was 6.5 inches, more than half of which was thigh inches lost.


The purpose of this communication is to alert you to a phenomenal improvement in my cholesterol during this time frame! My lab results are attached which compare my blood work from 3/27/11 to 5/27/11. Note the drop of more than 70 points in my triglycerides, and 4 point increase in my HDL good cholesterol! I wish I could say that I was really watching my diet during the Zerona treatments, and doing high-impact aerobics 1 hour per day. I wasn’t though. I was drinking 80 to 100 ounces of water daily, and doing my usual walking, probably 1 hour per day total. I visited my Internist today, and he wanted to know what my secret was…


He states I should be able to discontinue my simvastatin for cholesterol, and one of my blood pressure meds, if these reduced readings continue. Note my doctors comments, “keep up the good work.” The fact that I did no “work” will be our little secret.


Last, but not least, I have enjoyed a high energy level since the Zerona treatments, and taking the supplements. This really helped me turn back the clock on my 55-year old body, to accomplish all I need to do in a day, as I did when I was 20 years younger.


I thought you might want to share these results with others, who need to “turn back the clock”.  Thanks so much”.



Cincinnati, Ohio